Presenters: Zoe Mclaughlin and Salman Wazir
Finance: Jack Mckay
Weather and Special News Report: Samantha Smith
Technology: Zoe Mclaughlin
Director: Rose Richani and Sofie Meixner
Finance Report Editor/Producer: Sabina Rooney
Supervising Producers: Casey Fung and Paul Smith
Executive Producer: Dr John Harrison


Anchor: Bethany Wiedemann & Samantha Smith
Business and Finance: Daniel Seed
Sports: Salman Wazie
Weather: Sarah Lispet
Director: Richani Rose, Casey Fung
Floor Manager: Jonathan Chua
Weather Graphics: Samantha Smith



Anchor: Sarah Lispet and Jesica Bush
Weather: Samantha Smith
Director: Paul Smith, Casey Fung
Producer: Samantha Smith, Jesica Bush
Computer Graphics: Samantha Smith